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Any SEO positioning strategy for small and medium-sized companies is based on the three services we offer, which are as follows:

Website Design

Your website converted into a tool tailored to your exact needs. We work all our websites with WordPress and we can create exactly the website you need.

SEO Strategies

A website without traffic is like a car without fuel. Attracting users to your site through effective SEO is essential to increase your online presence and sell more.


Do you want to create content that attracts people and Google, captures and has the necessary spark? We convey in a few words the added value of your product or service.

Our experience in SEO projects for SME's

5 years of experience

Working across all kind of sectors and online niche markets 

No continuity commitment

We work based on results, measuring the ROI in the medium term.

International projects 

We work on any kind of project no matter language, location or audience.

For any kind of sector

We have proven experience in a multitude of online sectors

More visibility on Google means more sales for your business

Organic visibility graph for one of our clients during the first 6 months of working on the project:

google analytics grafico trafico organico positivo

Do you want to know if your website is SEO optimised?

Take a look at our SEO Audit Template

The fundamentals of any SEO strategy for an SME

What do you need to consider when doing SEO for an SME?

“Google’s customers are the people who use it, and the search engine’s mission is to show those customers the best possible results for their searches”.

1: SEO competition with big companies

Is it really a problem? Generally no, that’s what local SEO is for

SÍ se puede competir online contra grandes empresas

Beating big companies in Google may seem impossible for 3 reasons:

  1. Websites that have been online for years or decades are your main competitors.
  2. Their SEO performance is very high as these companies have in-house SEO experts, or even a dedicated SEO department.
  3. They have massive digital marketing budgets with many zeros that in practice never run dry.

But big companies have astronomical turnover figures because they target the general public, with more or less standard strategies and products, and that’s where an SME has an advantage.

With a good SEO strategy for small businesses you can maintain your online presence even in the most competitive markets, capturing that specific user who is looking for a specific product/service like yours. For example, an SME can benefit greatly from a local seo strategy.

Smaller market niches are often not profitable for large businesses to target, but Google will show a website that offers what that market niche market demands… if it knows that theyre’s website for it.

2: Doubts between SEO or Ads

Which is more cost-effective? In the long run, the easiest and quickest is not best

rentabilidad de una estrategia seo
SEO o Ads: ¿qué es más rentable?

Many SMEs opt for SEM campaigns or social media ads because:

  • The budget can be controlled and scaled quickly, conveniently and easily.
  • The duration is decided by the company itself and can be stopped with just two clicks.
  • Performance predictions are fairly accurate and allow ROI to be calculated before the start of the campaign

Paid advertising can be effective, but campaigns require some trial/error in the form of initial investment. However, once the campaign stops, the visibility disappears completely, plus an ad transmits less credibility than a natural, organic result. 

An SEO strategy based on good keyword research allows you to track the traffic coming to the site and identify which keywords are contributing the most to increasing visibility on Google.

And because SEO has a accumulative effect that increases traffic over time, that means that 6, 12 or 24 months after the SEO strategy has been initiated, the return on investment of SEO will continue to increase.

3: The strengths of SEO for SMEs

SEO for SMBs offers many advantages for any small and medium-sized business

gráfico orgánico google analytics
Si Google envía tráfico a una web, es porque considera a esa web útil

Ad campaigns are a perfect (and often recommended and necessary) complement to any digital marketing strategy, but just below those ads are Google’s natural and organic search results.

These results are generated through a very complex and constantly changing algorithm. Organic results generate more trust to the user compared to ads.

SEO for an SME is therefore:

  • Profitable. In the long run the cost per click (CPC) of SEO is significantly lower than paid traffic because organic visits are free once the site has been optimised.
  • Better ROI. Organic traffic offers a significantly higher ROI than CPC and any other form of paid media.
  • Sustainable. Unlike paid traffic, organic traffic is not lost overnight the moment you stop paying.
  • It gives a competitive advantage. Once a website has firmly established itself within the top search results, competitors will find it difficult to overtake it.
  • Improves your website overall. Optimising your site’s SEO and user experience will positively impact any other marketing strategies you launch.

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What do people say about us?

The testimonials of some of our customers

We have been working with Xevi for more than 3 years and we are delighted. He understands the needs of our clients whatever the project, and takes content strategy to another level. 100% professional and approachable.I recommend leaving any type of project in his hands.

seo agency barcelona

Sergi Lechado

I started working with Xevi and his team in 2018 to try out a new approach to editorial and content for all of our company's websites. We have gone through different phases in terms of content strategy and they have always nailed it no matter the difficulty.

Alex Melero

Xevi helped me a lot on bulding my website and e-commerce and teached me very useful stuff to reach my marketing goals by myself. For my next project I will trust him again without doubt.

Nora Beck

FAQ's about our SEO and WordPress services
for small enterprises and freelancers

At SP Agencia SEO we know that the financial side is a tough nut to crack for any freelancer or small business: taxes, social security, rents…

That’s why we are 100% flexible in terms of what you want to pay.

For example, if you are a professional who knows how to work with WordPress at a basic level, in the case of simple tasks we will guide you on what to do and how to do it. Through video tutorials and video calls we will explain you how to make this or that change to your website so that you can do the necessary work yourself. 

Working in this way (in 100% consultancy mode) saves us hours of work and therefore we can offer you a lower price.

There is really no fixed timeframe for an SEO strategy.

What is guaranteed is that you always start by doing an audit of the website, sector, targeted user and a keyword research based on your business.

From there you create a list of tasks and start dedicating hours every month to complete them.

After a year or a year and a half, it is only about maintenance tasks and monitoring results.

However, if the website is completely abandoned its performance will drop and you will have to start the hard work of “chopping stone” again.

Making monthly video calls with you, using task management apps shared with your team so you can see what’s being done each month… nothing more and nothing less than any other remote job. 

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