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The importance of having high-quality copy on your site

Higher Conversion

Although having attractive and original photos is basic, you do not win customers just with a beautiful website based on photos. 

Correctly written texts will enhance the value of your product and service.

Better engagement

Communicating your business values and the strengths of what you offer allows you to differentiate yourself and give added value.

Customers will prefer your products if you describe them clearly and honestly.

More brand power

Use the texts on your website to make your brand speak like an expert so your business can be understood in few words. 

Attractive and appealing texts attract more clicks and make a business more tempting.

What SEO writing services do we offer?


Los textos pondrán en valor tu marca, tu servicio o tu producto. No importa si se trata de listados de productos, de landings para campañas temporales o de las páginas de tu sitio.

Blog Managing

Nos encargamos de gestionar todo el proceso de redacción de tu blog: buscar las temáticas que traerán tráfico, redactar los contenidos y maquetarlos de forma atractiva. 


Trabajamos mano a mano con un equipo de traductores nativos de inglés, francés e italiano que llevarán tus contenidos un paso más allá y te permitirán cruzar fronteras.

Why is it important to have good copy for good SEO?

Because Google is really efficient in understanding the context and intention of a text

A text optimised for SEO is a text that is attractive to Google and that also responds to the query of the user who has made a specific search.

Our texts are SEO optimised because:

  • They are based on a previous keyword research that helps us to find the exact keywords on which to develop the text
  • We use semantic SEO optimisation systems to create semantically rich texts that are not spammy for Google
  • We format the texts with a correct heading structure, as well as using lists, bold and all the elements that make reading easier

Learn more about SEO Semantics and SEO-Oriented texts

Our SEO oriented texts are based on applying the most modern techniques from AI and information retrieval to show Google is the best text for the given keyword, query and search intention

TF-IDF: the base of every good text

The term TF-IDF stands for “Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency” and is used in information retrieval and for identifying the relevance of a document or piece of text.
It is well known that Google uses this system, so our texts are TF-IDF optimised.

Google Natural Language: computer efficiency

Natural Language from Google uses artificial intelligence to understand the structure and meaning of text. This system allows Google to extract from a text information about people, places, events, and better understand social media temperature and customer conversations.

We write SEO-oriented texts for:


Affiliation niches require conversion and product oriented texts. If you have websites that you monetise via affiliation we can take care of the writing of such content.



We will highlight the value of your brand, service or product. This is especially important in the case of local SEO, where speaking in a pleasant tone can give you a lot of visibility.


If you want to sell online effectively you need professionally written product descriptions with a lot of detail. Trust us for your e-commerce texts.


A high-quality blog establishes you as an expert in your field of business. We attract readers who are looking for information but may end up buying your product.

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